Veronique Raymond Brown, Esq.

Officer and Corporate Secretary

Please address all employment inquiries to Veronique.

Sylvain J. Rouleau, Esq.

Managing Director

Sylvain specializes in all forms of commercial and information technology transactions, as well as in pre-litigation support and exit strategies. From general terms of sale and software licenses, to the most complex multi-country framework deals, Sylvain brings superb leadership in deal structuring, contract optimization and risk analysis. Sylvain has negotiated and closed deals with all the global accounts of a Fortune 500 company for over 10 years. He also structured and negotiated four of the largest outsourcings in the IT market, seeing each deal through from pre-RFQ all the way to exit and reversibility several years later. Sylvain was involved in some of the very first cloud agreements and has successfully negotiated with all the major US, European, Indian and Chinese vendors and consultants in the IT industry. Sylvain has also led training seminars on contracts in various countries and taught contract law to MBAs.

Sylvain parle français. He is admitted to practice in Massachusetts and the Province of Quebec.